Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

So the school district cancelled school today because of a severe winter storm warning. This made me chuckle. Granted, it snowed in southern Utah. Big whoop. Oohhhh. 3 inches. Cancel school. We don't want to risk the safety of the kids.

Let me tell you big sissies something about safety of the kids.

Growing up in Salt Lake, I remember walking home from middle school with the snow nearly up to my groin. I didn't hear one parent expressing concern about the safety of their children getting to or from school. The general sentiment from parents and teachers was "Suck it up you big babies!"

I remember school being cancelled ONCE. Once. That was after it had snowed two feet the night before. I'm not yanking your chain. Two feet.

I lived to tell about two winters my wife and I survived in Laramie, Wyoming while I went to graduate school. Those guys know about snow. There were mornings where I'd go outside and literally couldn't see my car. I remember having to drive to Mel's work to help her unbury her car so she could get home. They didn't cancel school. Those cold hearted Cowboys must have ice running through their veins. Heck. The "severe winter storm" we experienced today is just an average July day to them Wyoming folk.

Maybe I'm just green with jealous envy that I didn't get a snow day off work. I'm thankful that my kids were able to stay home from school today where they were very, very safe. One day when they're old enough to understand, I'll tell them what a real winter storm looks like.

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