Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wearing Ice Cream

A few nights ago my wife and I went on a date. We go on these dates every so often. Our dates involve:
1) Getting the kids to bed.
2) One of us running to Dairy Queen.
3) Sitting in bed watching a movie and eating ice cream.

But I wasn't very successful in my task of driving home with two carmel sundays. The problem was that I didn't have anywhere to put them while I I'm trying to drive home with a sunday in each hand while my knee maneuvers the steering wheel. Well....that plan works just great until you have to turn.

And then you are forced to try and hold two sundays in one hand while you make the turn. Unfortunately, by this point, the ice cream started to melt a little, and eventually got the best of me. Grrrr.

So I got home with a lap full of ice cream.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Full Moon Rising

Last week I pulled in our driveway just in time to see an incredible full moon rising over Zion National Park. Thankfully I had time to run inside and grab my camera and snapped this picture:

The funny part is that the kids were mesmerized by the moon too. In fact, Danica thought it was so awesome that she went outside early the next morning to see the moon again. But - she forgot to unlock the door as she walked outside. So when she tried to come back inside - yep - the door was locked. It was cold outside and apparently it took a while before one of the other kids heard her pounding on the door. I'm guessing she won't make that mistake again.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why I Am Tired

Wednesdays in the life of Cory Reese are crazy. My wife works Tuesday nights so on Wednesdays I am Mr. Mom.

The joke in the extended family is that I run a little side business called Toby's Taxi Service where I shuttle kids around all day. I give props to all you moms who do this everyday because it wears me out. Let me give you an idea of my Wednesdays:

1) Kids wake up. Get them breakfast, stack dishwasher (if you're lucky), get them dressed for school, make sure homework is signed off, get their lunches packed, then off to school they go.

2) During the day I either help in their school classes or volunteer with my peeps at Dixie Care & Share.

3) Hopefully sneak in a run late afternoon.

4) Pick up kids from school, get some after-school snacks, help one daughter with homework while reminding the other daughter to practice piano, then switch.

5) 4:55pm: Take the girls to piano and pick up Jackson from piano. Get home and have 20 minutes to eat something before leaving at 5:30pm to pick up girls from piano.

6) Take girls to gymnastics at 6:00pm, finished at 7:00pm.

7) Bring them home, get them set up with a late dinner, finish homework and reading, get showers done, remind them politely 6 times to brush their teeth (the following 36 reminders aren't as polite). Then get them to bed.

8) Hope that there is still enough energy to dig the ice cream out of the freezer before falling asleep.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Wind: Please Stop

I would like to inform you that I am utterly and completely sick of wind. And I am no amateur when it comes to wind. I lived in Wyoming for two years for crying out loud. When people move out of Wyoming they stand with a slant because their bodies are so accustomed to leaning into the wind so they don't blow over.

They weren't fooling around when they named our city - Hurricane. I totally understand that some wind is to be expected. But when it is crazy windy for approximately 359 out of 365 days each year, well, my friend, that is just plain nuts. Nuts.

Looking out our kitchen window into the back yard is depressing right now. The back yard is packed with tumble weeds. And I just can't bring myself to venture into the back yard to remove them. That seems like such an act of futility because I know that it won't take long before it is full of tumbleweeds again. It's just not right.

But it could be worse. Many houses in our neighborhood have been swallowed by tumbleweeds. Here is one such house:

Dear wind, please stop. We surrender. You win. Game over. Stop.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Books On The Night Stand

I go to the library often and it is constantly an overwhelming experience because I always find so many books I want to read. I love to learn. Not so much into fiction books. The biggest problem I have is finding the time to read everything I want to read. Here are the books currently on my night stand that I'm reading or will be starting soon:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Awesome New Music

Brandon Heath is one of my favorite musicians. He is an incredible song writer. I was psyched to pick up his new album called Leaving Eden debuted at #1 on the Billboard contemporary Christian chart. This song called "Your Love" from the CD is one of the best tunes I've heard in a long time. Definitely a must-listen. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Music From Paul Cardall

A few nights ago our kids were thrilled to have piano-playing royalty come to our house. The kids were mesmerized that Billboard Recording Artist Paul Cardall was in OUR living room. Playing OUR piano.

Paul and his wife Lynnette have been friends for many years and we always have fun whenever we are able to get together. There was more than one occasion when I laughed so hard that Diet Mountain Dew almost came out of my nose. (Now that could have been embarrassing to have a fizzy wet spot down my shirt and lap.)

I have good news for you: Paul has a brand new CD called "New Life" coming out February 14th! I have heard the album and can attest that it is nothing short of awesome. Remember when you were in middle school and Bon Jovi was the most awesome thing ever? Yea - it's that awesome (minus the long, flowing mullet). The background orchestra is enough to give you chills. (But not the same kind of chills you would get if you spilled Diet Mountain Dew down your lap. Thank goodness.) If you're a fan of piano music this is definitely one to check out. You can click here to pre-order.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My nine year old boy Jackson loves basketball. He loves to watch it and he loves to play it. He was thrilled when we told him he could sign up for the city basketball league. Our family had the pleasure of going to his first basketball game a few weeks ago.

In a proud parent moment, Jackson scored HALF of the team's points for the game! Half!

Incidentally, scoring half of the team's points meant making one basket.

In a shocking conclusion, Jackson's team total of four points was not enough to hold off the opposing team. Who'd have thunk. I am thankful that at this age the kids aren't crazy-competitive and can still say after the game that they had fun, even if they did get creamed. Behold......Jackson's two points: