Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why I Am Tired

Wednesdays in the life of Cory Reese are crazy. My wife works Tuesday nights so on Wednesdays I am Mr. Mom.

The joke in the extended family is that I run a little side business called Toby's Taxi Service where I shuttle kids around all day. I give props to all you moms who do this everyday because it wears me out. Let me give you an idea of my Wednesdays:

1) Kids wake up. Get them breakfast, stack dishwasher (if you're lucky), get them dressed for school, make sure homework is signed off, get their lunches packed, then off to school they go.

2) During the day I either help in their school classes or volunteer with my peeps at Dixie Care & Share.

3) Hopefully sneak in a run late afternoon.

4) Pick up kids from school, get some after-school snacks, help one daughter with homework while reminding the other daughter to practice piano, then switch.

5) 4:55pm: Take the girls to piano and pick up Jackson from piano. Get home and have 20 minutes to eat something before leaving at 5:30pm to pick up girls from piano.

6) Take girls to gymnastics at 6:00pm, finished at 7:00pm.

7) Bring them home, get them set up with a late dinner, finish homework and reading, get showers done, remind them politely 6 times to brush their teeth (the following 36 reminders aren't as polite). Then get them to bed.

8) Hope that there is still enough energy to dig the ice cream out of the freezer before falling asleep.

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Dansie Family said...

i'm with you on wednesdays. but you do an awesome job!