Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I love baseball, and have been a fan of the Chicago Cubs since my younger days. My friend Paul takes "Cubs Fan" to a new level (obsession). On Wednesday Paul stopped by my house and said he had an extra ticket for the Cubs spring training game in Vegas that night and the next afternoon. In an act of pure spontaneity, I packed up a few hours later and headed for Vegas.

I took Jackson as my traveling companion. In an even greater act of spontaneity, I hoped that I could find a scalper to buy an extra ticket for him. I talked to one guy (who Jackson later said looked "crafty") offer a ticket for $70. I passed on that and later found one for $40.

Everyone around us was pounding beer like they hadn't had anything to drink for seven weeks which helped take our minds off the fact that it was COLD. We were hungry and I shelled out $14 for nachos, a small cup of popcorn, and a very small drink.

About one hour later I was seriously regretting eating the nachos because I became highly nauseous. I was up all night with a nasty motel garbage can on my lap praying to throw up, but to no avail. I had the fever/chill thing going on and my stomach sounded like I had ingested an angry walrus.
I almost skipped the game the next day because I felt so miserable, but ended up sticking it out. The weather was beautiful and our seats were on a grass hill in right field. The Cubbies lost both games but we still had a great time.

Regrettably I'm still feeling those nachos almost a week later.

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