Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Embarrassment In The Workplace

Today I had one of the more embarrassing experiences in recent memory: I passed out cold. At work.

I hate needles. Especially when it comes to getting blood drawn. The strange thing is that I really have no logical explanation for having such a fear. Aside from a little pinch, getting blood drawn doesn't even hurt. But for some reason, I end up seeing stars most times I have it done.

I work in the most ironic of environments: a dialysis center. There are needles and blood everywhere you look. People on dialysis sit there for hours on end with needles in their arm while blood leaves their body, gets cleaned, and is returned to their body. I've gotten used to it. As long as nobody is coming at me with needles.

Well, today was the day to have annual labs drawn. I had my good friend and absolute nurse-extraordinaire Jan have the honor of drawing my blood, then trying to bring me back to consciousness.

And actually - it wasn't too bad! We were almost done and I was feeling good. And then my world went black. She leaned me back and my eyes slowly came back into focus but I was pale and sweating like a politician at a town hall meeting.

To say I felt sheepish would be an understatement. A pretty big, fat understatement. I should have given her permission to slap me across the face if she saw my eyes start to roll back. Jan is so kind and didn't make fun of me. But she should have.


Tonya Mae Wilson said...

That's just like my husband! I guess that's why the good Lord designed women to have babies instead of men. Cuz we're tougher! ;~)
-Nice analogy about the politicians sweating at a town hall meeting. :~D I always get a good giggle out of your posts. :)

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Oh man! Crazy!!! Glad you didn't fall and bust your head open!
I can handle the needle but I have passed out cold from something as simple as pressing on an owie. Or the pressure of the needle in my arm. I passed out when I was a kid and the eye Dr. was putting contacts in my eyes for the first time. Can't handle it. So weird.