Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Would Do Anything For Love

Have you heard that song by Meatloaf called "I Would Do Anything For Love....But I Won't Do That"? (My sincere apologies that I have now gotten this song stuck in your head for the next five weeks.)

I thought of this song a few days ago when my wife asked me to do THAT. Would you like to know what THAT is which Meatloaf is referring to in his song "I Would Do Anything For Love....But I Won't Do THAT?"

THAT is your wife's makeup.

And apparently I'm more of a man than Meatloaf because I did do THAT.

See, my wife fell exactly two weeks ago and broke both of her elbows. She suddenly became 100% helpless. She couldn't eat. She couldn't hold anything. She couldn't even scratch her nose. After a week of looking like death warmed over (her words, not mine!) she asked if I would please put a little bit of makeup on her.

It's hard to resist your completely helpless spouse who has been laying on the bed crying in pain for a week and you want to do anything you can to help make matters better. So I did THAT. With a hefty supply of guidance and direction I put on a little bit of makeup.

It's certainly no work of art, but good enough for a first effort. I will now show you a picture of my labors.

I would do anything for love, and I DID DO THAT.


Tonya Mae Wilson said...

You are more of a man than Meatloaf! I'm proud of ya, Cory. :)

Jen said...

Good job. I hope Mel is recovering okay!

Julie said...

True love!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Wow! Amazing!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Awe!! First of all, oh my goodness your poor wife! So sorry she has broken elbows! I hope she heals quickly and completely. OUCH!
Second, kuddos to YOU! =) You did great! She look beautiful!
Third-----UGH!! Now that stupid song is stuck in my head!

Sarah Grecco said...

Haha! That song is now stuck in my head. I actually liked it at one point.

You are too sweet. The wifey looks fabulous!!

Happy healing!


Lora said...

That is sooo sweet! Great job, by the way!

Will said...

Nice bargaining chip! I'll remember that one.

[Red Sox] Wife said...

cory, you are too nice and quite amazing! it was so nice to meet you at yogurtland (we don't usually get any guys out there!) and that is wonderful that you put on your wifes makeup...so so sweet! hope she recovers soon!!

Anonymous said...

Awe!!!!!!!!! That is so sweet!

jhopes70 said...

Awesome !!
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Theia said...

Awww, so pretty! I'm going to guess she's pretty without makeup, though. :)

trailgrrl said...

wow you win the "Man of the Week" award..this award does not actually exist but if it did you would win it!!!

Melissa said...

Awww. How sweet.
Here's your man card. :)