Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Mistake

I had an experience yesterday that ranks in the Top 3 Most Embarrasing Moments Of Cory Reese.

I got to (okay, had to) go to the dentist AGAIN thanks to a A N O T H E R crown that cracked. Kelsey is a dental technitian there who I've spent so much time with that she almost feels like a sister. When I got there, she came up excitedly and started talking. She said that she didn't know I was "the Cory Reese that plays the piano", and went on to tell me how much she enjoys my music, and how she heard her favorite Cory Reese song on the radio Sunday, and how she would love to get some of my sheet music even though she probably couldn't play it because it sounds too hard. She was very kind.

God knew that so many compliments at once would not be good for me. He wanted to keep me humble and make sure my head didn't get fat.

I realized after sitting there for an hour and 20 minutes that my zipper had been down the whole time. Thanks for keeping my ego in check God.

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