Sunday, July 5, 2009

Party At The Pioneer Trek

A few months ago Mel and I were asked to coordinate a Pioneer Trek for our ward youth. Time has flown by and suddenly the Pioneer Trek that is four months away is less than four days away.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we will be covering lots of miles on rough dirt roads in the middle of summer with hot clothes, minimal food, a hefty supply of mosquitos, blisters, and less-than-desirable latrine facilities.

Actually, I really am excited for the experience. A few of the great things that will come with the trek are:

*Spending time with some amazing friends and kids
*Gettin' me some good hill workouts.
*No grocery expenses for three days.
*A greater sense of heritage.
*A renewed appreciation for the simple things in life such as frozen pizzas, cold Mountain Dew, a soft mattress, getting up at night to comfort a child who just had a nightmare, toilets, and air conditioning.


Jen said...

Good luck on this. I think the photo is a great illustration of how much I love camping.

Tink said...

Love the toilet paper! maybe I could get some for my hubby!! :-) That would be fun! Good luck on your trek. It's one of the best, hardest experiences, ever! I don't really know how the pioneers did it!