Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two Minutes Of Whining

If you wouldn't mind, allow me to indulge in two minutes of whining:

I've had more computer problems over the last three days than a cheap motel room has lice. When a big ol' computer problem pops up, you might as well walk yourself right over to the bathroom and flush the next three hours down the toilet. Grrrrrrr.

Other topics to whine about:

**Apparently wanting my dog to pee outside is asking too much.

**My mouth still hurts after having a root canal on Thursday. Don't ask how much I paid for the pleasure of being drilled on.

**Our microwave broke. You don't realize how important a microwave is until you don't have one. I had to melt butter in the oven to make an instant cheesecake.

**For the life of me I can't understand why our insane politicians refuse to use more than seven brain cells.

1 comment:

Tink said...

I think I am a champion whiner, so I'm glad to hear someone else do it. Hang in there!