Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free CD - If You Can Beat Me

I came across a blog post from a few years ago where I was talking a moderate amount of smack for my typing skillz. (As Napoleon Dynamite would say, I have bow staff skills, nun chuck skills, typing skills....)

For fun I took the speed typing test again and beat my score from two years ago by NINE words on my second try.

Until November 12th, I will give a free CD to anyone who can beat me at this typing test. It takes one minute, and you have to post your score here.

89 words

Typing Test

Read it and weep suckers! Take this typing challenge and post your score. And make sure you include how humbled you were by the typing master of disaster.


Jen said...

Oh yeah? Well I bet I can quilt faster than you!

I was at 70 the first time. How many times did it take you to get 89? I was at 84 the second time, with one wrong word.

Cory Reese said...

That was on my second try. This is not necessarily an admirable skill though. It is only a testament to how much paperwork I do at work.

Tonya Mae said...

Well, Herb, I have been working furiously on this type test just THRILLED, knowing that I would be getting a new CD... but alas, I cannot rival your unrivaled speed. :( You are the Roadrunner of the keyboarders and I applaud you. I was, however, able to get up to 85 words per minute... Surely that's worth a discount on one of your fine CD's at least...???

Are you going to be playing anywhere this year? I haven't seen you post anything about that. And my little nephew Caleb (and I) love your music and want to come and hear you play. He insists that he listen to it while he falls asleep when he's over at our house for a sleepover and I listen to it when I drive so that my road rage doesn't get TOO out of hand...

The Thomas Gang said...

I am a loser I guess, only got to 57. Guess you can tell I write on board for my job, not computer work. Oh well, guess I will buy a CD instead of win one. Want to race, maybe I could beat you in a run and win one then. :)