Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Wind: Please Stop

I would like to inform you that I am utterly and completely sick of wind. And I am no amateur when it comes to wind. I lived in Wyoming for two years for crying out loud. When people move out of Wyoming they stand with a slant because their bodies are so accustomed to leaning into the wind so they don't blow over.

They weren't fooling around when they named our city - Hurricane. I totally understand that some wind is to be expected. But when it is crazy windy for approximately 359 out of 365 days each year, well, my friend, that is just plain nuts. Nuts.

Looking out our kitchen window into the back yard is depressing right now. The back yard is packed with tumble weeds. And I just can't bring myself to venture into the back yard to remove them. That seems like such an act of futility because I know that it won't take long before it is full of tumbleweeds again. It's just not right.

But it could be worse. Many houses in our neighborhood have been swallowed by tumbleweeds. Here is one such house:

Dear wind, please stop. We surrender. You win. Game over. Stop.

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Love the wyoming illustration.