Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Music From Paul Cardall

A few nights ago our kids were thrilled to have piano-playing royalty come to our house. The kids were mesmerized that Billboard Recording Artist Paul Cardall was in OUR living room. Playing OUR piano.

Paul and his wife Lynnette have been friends for many years and we always have fun whenever we are able to get together. There was more than one occasion when I laughed so hard that Diet Mountain Dew almost came out of my nose. (Now that could have been embarrassing to have a fizzy wet spot down my shirt and lap.)

I have good news for you: Paul has a brand new CD called "New Life" coming out February 14th! I have heard the album and can attest that it is nothing short of awesome. Remember when you were in middle school and Bon Jovi was the most awesome thing ever? Yea - it's that awesome (minus the long, flowing mullet). The background orchestra is enough to give you chills. (But not the same kind of chills you would get if you spilled Diet Mountain Dew down your lap. Thank goodness.) If you're a fan of piano music this is definitely one to check out. You can click here to pre-order.


Tonya Mae Wilson said...

This looks glorious. And thank heaven no flowing mullets are involved. ;~)

Corine said...

I just went to your link and listened to the music - GORGEOUS! I'm going to have to get busy learning to play! (and purchasing some of that music) Thanks for sharing! :D