Saturday, October 11, 2008

I LOVE October Baseball

Disclaimer: If you think that people who watch a 3 hour baseball game on television have lost their marbles...skip this blog. It will all sound like jibberish anyway.

I LOVE baseball in October when the playoffs start. I am slightly heartbroken that my Cubbies got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. I've been a Chicago Cubs fan since elementary school. I went to some of their spring training games. I collected their baseball cards. I've had the same trusty Cubs hat for around a decade.

Did I mention I LOVE to watch baseball playoffs? I don't care who is playing. I LOVE to see Joe Torre scowling and humbled after his team gets spanked. I LOVE to hear commentators talking about strategy and understand what they're talking about while my wife thinks they're speaking Egyptian. I LOVE seeing Manny Ramirez strike out and then pout like a little school girl. I LOVE how Chip Carrey makes my eyebrows look small. I LOVE to stay up so late at night watching games that I can hardly keep my eyelids opened. I LOVE, LOVE the sound of the home crowd when their team gets a home run. The cheering becomes so loud that the sound coming through the TV turns from cheering to a fuzzy blur. I LOVE the alone-time I get because everyone else in the family would rather eat toenails than watch baseball.

I LOVE October baseball.

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