Monday, August 10, 2009

One Crazy Museum

One of the more unique places we went in Washington DC was the Hirschhorn Museum, part of the Smithsonian Museum network.

The Hirshhorn is a modern art museum. Generally I’m not much for “modern art”. I don’t understand why a painting that looks like it was done by a three year old is considered a masterpiece. And I don’t get why a bunch of recycled garbage that has been arranged into a shape should deserve recognition in a national museum. “Modern art” is usually pretty lame.

But the Hirshhorn modern art was sweet. Most of the exhibits were slightly strange which clicked for me because I’m, well, slightly strange.

One of my favorites was this huge guy sitting in the corner. You can see his size in comparison to me. But you can’t sit too close to him or an alarm goes off. And how do I know that an alarm goes off? Because, well, I set the alarm off. Then a security guard on the other side of the room gave me a dirty look and I backed away.

Another weird display was this leg popping out of the wall. We read that the sculptor was so precise that he actually used his own leg hair when making the “art”.

Art that looks like a goat went swimming in a bath of paint and then was thrown up against a canvas isn’t art. I’m sorry. It’s just not. But if you can make a leg pop out of the wall my friend, that is art.

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Marie Loves Ben said...

wait. hair? his own leg hair? as in his own? as in that leg hair will be on the leg hanging out of the wall long after the leg-hair owner is dead?
i'm going to have to think about this.