Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Throwing The First Pitch

Saturday night was a special one for our family. A few days beforehand we got a phone call from the school that Jackson read the most books out of everyone at the school over the summer. Because of this, the family got tickets to the last Roadrunners baseball game of the year, and Jackson got to throw out the first pitch!

We were all so excited. Jackson loves to watch baseball and go to the Roadrunners games so this was quite an honor. There was a downpour a few hours before the game so we weren't sure they would even be able to play.

It turns out that Jackson's first pitch was the only pitch of the game. After this, they delayed the game for an hour hoping the dark clouds would pass. But when it started pouring again, game over.

It was such a cool experience for him to be able to do this. Definitely a proud father moment. Good job Jackson!

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Dansie Family said...

woohoo!! we almost went to the game but then decided we needed a break from our kids instead. way to go jackson.