Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kangaroos Are Funny (And Mean)

I came across the funniest story on Runners World Daily. Apparently a runner in Australia was knocked unconscious by a grumpy Kangaroo. It is a sobering mental image. The following video must be a taste of what the runner former runner likely experienced.

This short clip made me bawl. I was sobbing with laughter. Mel actually got out of bed to come and see why I was laughing hysterically. I haven't laughed this hard, to the point of hyperventilating, since I watched The Money Pit for the first time when the bathtub crashed through the floor.

Note to self: Avoid kangaroos while running.


Tonya Mae said...

I must have missed something here. You speak of a grumpy kangaroo while someone is out running... I only see a kangaroo in a studio on a leash...?

I did laugh my tail off in Money Pit, though - especially when the wife if furiously fiddling away on her violin while her husband (Tom Hanks) is out in the yard getting stung to death by bees.

Are you sure you posted the right video?? I want a good laugh, too!

Cory Reese said...

Good point. I think this was the closest video that the guy from Runners World could find to simulate what the poor runner must have experienced. I need to clarify the post.

And the bees in Money Pit....classic.