Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

  • Watching NBA playoffs late into the night and falling asleep with the TV on.
  • Hearing my kids laugh when I tickle their arm pits.
  • Breakfast (4 pieces of toast and hot chocolate. Everyday.)
  • Playing catch, bikes, and basketball with the kids outside until it gets dark.
  • When they turn the air conditioner on at church.
  • Power naps. Give me 15 minutes when I get home from work and I’m good to go.
  • Peanut butter cookies from Maverik.
  • Rain.
  • Hearing my kids play the piano.
  • Fat veins in my feet which prove to me that I’m working hard with marathon training.
  • When my wife whistles.
  • Sleeping with the window opened and listening to the crickets.
  • The familiarity of knowing that tomorrow will likely be remarkably similar to today which is remarkably similar to yesterday. Consistency is good.
  • I can’t overemphasize how important it is to have peanut butter cookies on this list.

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