Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

On a friend's blog I saw a good idea for some random tidbits, so here is my version:

1. Has become obsessive/compulsive about getting a bike. “Since you got one, I want to get one too!”
2. Is running the Red Rock Relay this weekend where 12-person teams take turns running a total of 180 miles.
3. Has a secret stash of Hershey candy bars for when times get desperate.

1. Proudly doing my part to assure that the recession does not impact the manufacturer of Hostess crumb donuts
2. Just started reading the book Twinkie Deconstructed (see review HERE)
3. I have no interest in going to bed before 11:00pm.

1. Told me he is nervous to own another bouncy ball. Last time he had one, he threw it against the wall really hard and it bounced back and hit him in the eye. I had to bite my lip when he told me the story.
2. Is absolutely incredible at playing the piano.
3. Likes to sleep on the tile floor because it is cold.

1. Has some mad jump roping skillz.
2. Working on losing her front tooth – which is so loose it would probably flap in the wind.
3. Could live on banana bread and Macaroni & Cheese.

1. Is petrified of bugs.
2. Insists on dressing herself and often looks like Punky Brewster – very cute.
3. Got hit in the head with a water bottle someone threw from a float during the parade this weekend.

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