Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Bonanza

Last week was crazy at my house. Kylee turned 4 on Tuesday, Danica turned 5 on Thursday, and Jackson turned 7 on Saturday. We capped off the week with a big 'ol birthday bash on Saturday where we let each of our offspring invite five or six of their friends to the party.

Some people would rather let loose a family of rabid coons in their house than have a house-full of 4-7 year-olds all hopped up on sugary birthday cake and candy. Yea. I would be one of those people.

That's why we gathered a gaggle of 4-7 year olds at a park for the birthday party. Then I was perfectly fine with getting the kids all hopped up on sugar. My wife happens to be ultra-creative and has a tradition of making a unique birthday cake for each kid. Jackson chose a bowling alley cake, Danica chose a cake that looked like a campfire, and Kylee chose a fat pig cake. Needless to say, we had enough cake to choke a baby camel. Fortunately, after 15 kids had their share of cake, we came home with just enough to cure a few of my sweet-tooth attacks. Even better, after the party was done our house didn't look like it had been inhabited by rabid coons.

1 comment:

Tom said...

Maybe if you took it a little easier putting away the creatively designed birthday cakes you would spend less time worrying about the dentist's laser.

Just a thought.