Monday, July 28, 2008

Curse Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck is by far the funniest, most intelligent, most entertaining guy in talk radio. I enjoy the fact that I have a half hour drive to work each morning because I get to listen to Glenn Beck.

I'm currently holding a bit of a grudge toward him though. Three weeks ago Glenn was talking about how he couldn't eat Lucky Charms because the marshmallows were just too weird and foamy. He said it was like eating something from Dow Chemical. Or asbestos.

Hearing his discussion about Lucky Charms stirred up a craving within my soul. Unlike Glenn, I love the marshmallows, but I hadn't had Lucky Charms for years. I stopped at the grocery store and bought a bag of Marshmallow Mateys (cheaper bagged cereal), and ate it over the next few meals.

I have now developed an addiction to Marshmallow Mateys. I could eat heaping bowls of them for every meal and be as happy as a cat in an aviary. I only eat home-cooked dinners because it's polite and my wife goes to the effort to cook (absolutely no offense Mel, those Mateys are just so good!!!).

I blame my bad, sugar-ridden habit on Glenn. I'm sure this craving will eventually pass, but in the mean time I'll continue to buy this scrumptious meal by the bag full.

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