Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bonding With the Dentist

The dentist and I got to spend some more quality bonding time today. Ugh. Apparently I have an abscess tooth or something like that. The phrase that made my stomach jump up to my throat was when he said to the assistant "Go grab the laser. We'll laser it off." I'm serious. Go grab the laser.

They need to come up with some kind of code instead of saying "Go grab the laser." Maybe a phrase like "How was your beef chimichanga?" or "This popcorn is making me thirsty!" Just don't use the word "laser" in any sentence. Ever.

I had fears that maybe he would accidentally turn it up too high which would accidentally turn my head into a sloppy mess of brains and blood and guts. He must have had it on the right level because the laser didn't sever my head from the rest of my body.

Our fun together ended as he was tilting my head back up off the ground and said the words "Come back tomorrow and we'll check it out to see if we need to laser it again."

This popcorn is making me thirsty!

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