Monday, September 15, 2008

Cory Reese - Master Toilet Plunger

I survived the latest Dad Party weekend. Every night I would reward myself for surviving the day by eating a quadruple serving of strawberry cheesecake. Those people who say you shouldn't use food as a reward haven't sat through church with four kids age seven and under.

As I was getting the kids to bed last night, I had a child develop a mad case of diarrhea and went through five pair of underwear in lightning speed. It was a big enough job that I needed to pull out the big guns - the baby wipes.

Unfortunately, in my haste to aid a needing child, one too many wipes ended up in the toilet and she ended up plugged. Our toilets have extrasensory perception and can realize the absolute worst time to be clogged. Then they strike.

They don't scare me though. Having had really crappy (sorry, pardon the pun) toilets for years, I honestly could not have unplugged more toilets had I been a janitor in an airport. When you're employing the plunger repeatedly after a three year old, you know your toilet has a problem. We've since upgraded.

There's something else in our house that has extrasensory perception - the plunger. It can sense when I'm on the verge of giving up. At the moment when my feet are wet and I am about to give up, put boards across the door and just tell everyone "Don't use that bathroom anymore. It's been condemned."....that's when the plunger does its duty. You can't try to fake it though. I can't just plunge twice and then say "I'm done" so it will start working. You really have to have reached your last nerve before it will be successful.

I'm not going to complain too much though. I don't want to jinx the forces of the plunger.

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Reese Gang said...

Jackson plugged the toilet the other night. I forgot about it and it resolved itself. I guess the the toilet knows you do a better job at plunging than I do. Hee hee!!