Saturday, September 20, 2008

Free CD If You Can Beat Me

Boooooh yaaaaahh!
Let's get some friendly competition going on here. Until the end of October, I will give a free CD to anyone who can beat me at this typing test. It takes one minute, and you have to post your score here.
80 words

Speed test

Read it and weap suckers! 80 Words Per Minute! Take this typing challenge and post your score. And make sure you include how humbled you were by the typing master of disaster.


Reese Gang said...

52 words per minute. How pathetic. 7th grade typing was not my best subject.

Cory kicked my trash!!! It's a good thing I'm his wife and have access to all of his CD's.

Jen said...

DANGIT I used to type 85 a minute but I could only get 70.

Tom said...

46 minutes on only my second try. By the end of October I will be at least 200 words per minute. I would like the Christmas album, please.

Anonymous said...

58 words per minute. But I have to get some credit for giving life to the 80 wpm whiz kid, right?