Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beware Of Peer Pressure

Today's lesson: The Dangers Of Falling Into Peer Pressure.

My (former) friend Luke talked me into joining him in a booth at Peach Days in Hurricane. He has a photography business and asked me to join him and sell CDs. The thought of hanging out in 100 degree heat for two long days didn't sound like my idea of a good time. But I gave into peer pressure. Bad - Cory! Bad!

Within a stone's throw you could find:
  • A food stand selling fried Twinkies,

  • A booth with a huge cage of hermit crabs,

  • A hefty supply of people wearing either Nascar apparel or Wolf Howling At The Moon shirts.

  • People ready and willing to give you an airbrush tatoo,

  • And enough tie-dye to cover Boise.

I couldn't believe Luke talked me into this. I considered shanking him with a blunt toothbrush.

Fortunately for Luke I didn't have a toothbrush with me. I would have held him down and given him papercuts on his eyeballs. Fortunately for Luke he's much bigger than me. I would have dared him to put his tongue on a frozen flagpole. Fortunately for Luke it was 100 degrees outside.


Tink said...

I really felt guilty for walking by without buying one of your fabulous CD's....talk about peer pressure...Sorry I didn't give in! Maybe next time!

Jen said...

Bahahaha. You'll shoot your eye out!