Friday, September 25, 2009

Diagnosis: Road Rage

Diagnosis: Road rage.

Cause of Disorder: Driving In Salt Lake City.

Our family is in Salt Lake for the weekend. I swear to you, I would pull every last one of my graying hairs out if I had to drive in this every day. Among my driving pet peeves:
  • People going 15mph under the speed limit IN THE FAST LANE. (This one really makes me lose my marbles.)

  • Traffic. Oh, have mercy on my soul. The traffic. Are there seriously this many people that have to drive somewhere?

  • Road construction....EVERYWHERE. Yesterday I could have read most of War and Peace while we waited in road construction. We drove past the same guy a few times throughout the day. Every time, he was eating a bag of chips with a can of Coke. Delicious.

  • Drivers are scary. They cut people off, drive bad, and try to intimidate. Case in point:

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