Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food + Hair = Gag Reflex

I went to a conference on Monday for work. It was held at the Senior Center and the topic was “Essential Tools for Dementia Care” and treating Alzheimer’s disease. The presenters were top-notch physicians. The training was informative, helpful, and useful.

But I digress. So, the conference was held at the Senior Center. And lunch was provided by……the Senior Center. The facility is enormous and beautiful. But not necessarily known as a world-class eating establishment.

I was exerting tremendous effort to enjoy the broccoli cheddar soup when I came across a stringy black hair. Suddenly soup didn’t sound so appetizing. So I started eating the turkey wrap. It actually looked pretty good. Unfortunately, with the first bite, my teeth sunk into a long brown hair woven between the slices of turkey.

I suppose I only have myself to blame. It’s my fault. I didn’t specify that I wanted the soup WITHOUT hair. I failed to clarify that I wanted the turkey wrap MINUS hair.

Note to self: Lunch from the Senior Center includes complementary tooth floss.

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Jen said...

Now, I gag again after first having gagged over this at your facebook post.