Friday, January 1, 2010

A Little Bit Angry

I was a little frustrated with my wife last night. And I'll tell you why. She barricaded my side of the bed.

Granted, it was with my junk, but still.

Apparently she thinks I have this little problem of leaving stuff out on the kitchen counter that shouldn't be left there. Personally, I see nothing wrong with a shoe box, CDs, my camera, an mp3 player, books, or socks (got busted on that one today) sitting on the counter. But she does.

And apparently she decided that gentle reminders to put my stuff away weren't doing the trick. So she cleaned up my stuff for me. And piled it right on the side of my bed. Now....every time I go to GET in my bed, I have to climb over my mountain of crap to get there. It's just not right.

So last night, just to be funny, I moved everything from the side of my bed BACK to the counter. I had a hard time containing my giggling, because I'm sure Mel was thinking that I was finally cleaning up my stuff. Little did she know.

So this morning she sees all my junk piled back on the counter. She said in her grumpy voice "That's not funny." It didn't seem like the appropriate time to explain to her that it actually was funny.

Then she said sternly "You don't want to play this game with me." And foolishly, I asked why.

At the moment, she had the largest butcher knife we own in her hand cutting a grapefruit.

She pointed the knife at me and said "Because I will always win."


Marie Says Yes said...

your wife is just so... wise. i hope you are listening to these threats! :)

Jen said...

I'm with Mel on this one. Clean counter space is up there with a new camera for Christmas in awesomeness.