Friday, July 23, 2010

The Agony Of Defeat

Yesterday I did my civic duty of taking two overflowing containers of garbage to the recycling bin and recruited the kids to come along for the job.

I could see that my son Jackson was excited to be in charge of the glass jars. As any male will do, he jumped at the opportunity to break things.

Jackson didn't know I was watching as this little incident took place. He grabbed a spaghetti jar and I could just see the wheels cranking in his head. He was planning to launch the jar into the recycling bin, grateful for the opportunity to shatter something without getting in trouble.

The hole on the recycling bin is about the size of a coffee can. So Jackson pulls his arm back with jar in hand like a baseball pitcher preparing to make his throw to home plate. Suddenly.....the wind up.......and the pitch!

Unfortunately his throw wasn't a strike.

The jar banged against the side of the bin, bounced off, and hit Jackson right in the head!

I had to turn away so he wouldn't see me laughing. I wasn't sure if his tears were from the agony of defeat or from the large goose egg sprouting on his head.


The Caffeinated Chef said...

That is so funny. There are just some things our kids have to learn on their own like not throwing jars at recycle bins or rocks straight up in the air. Luckily we get to be amused by their efforts at learning sometimes.

Tonya Mae said...

Poor Jackson. Looks like he lost some hair from all the stress as well... ;)