Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kids Are Good At ......

Let me tell you what kids are good at:
  • Kids are good at: ruining plans to sleep in on Saturday morning.
  • Kids are good at: preventing any private time. Even when you're in the bathroom.
  • Kids are good at: destroying a freshly mopped floor. Clean floors seem to attract accidental spills of grape punch.
  • Kids are good at: teaching patience. Potty training? Are you kidding me? Potty training a child would be sufficient torture for a prisoner of war. Every day that a parent can get through without a complete psychotic breakdown is a victory.
  • Kids are good at: draining bank accounts. I can only imagine the fancy restaurants I could eat at if I didn't have three hungry baby birds at home to feed.
But all these minor inconveniences pale in comparison to the happiness my kids bring into my life. I love them beyond description. This is an exciting week at our house. Kylee has a birthday on July 8th, Danica has a birthday on July 10th, and Jackson has a birthday on July 12th. Three birthdays in the span of six days.

So happy birthday kids! (And I forgive you for waking me up early, spilling punch just a little too frequently, and helping me understand the phrase "Eating you out of house and home.")

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Jen said...

Very nice. Henry, Grace, & my birthdays are within a 30 day span. Poor Alex is left hanging in August.