Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Ice Cream Man Incident

It was HOT in Salt Lake City this past weekend. Which makes it perfectly understandable for the ice cream man to be driving around. I have thought to myself that being an ice cream man would easily be the worst job in the world. I could only take the obnoxious music for a short period of time before I would jab screwdrivers in my ears to make the sound stop.

But something peculiar happened this weekend with the ice cream man. This story is completely true. It's way to strange to make up. As the ice cream man drove by, the song playing from it's loud speaker was "Oh Come All Ye Faithful"! But it's July. Not December.

There was no mistaking it. I've heard "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" countless times around the holidays. I recorded the song on my Christmas piano CD. I paid special attention when I recognized the music. Without a doubt, the song the ice cream man was playing was "Oh Come All Ye Faithful".

Now this is disturbing that an ice cream man would be playing a Christmas carol. But I don't think it's nearly as disturbing as the realization that someone actually went to the effort of converting "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" into a wordless format that could be played by an ice cream man.

Who, in their right mind, thought to themselves one day "I have a brilliant idea! When it is steaming hot in the middle of summer, I know the perfect song that will compel kids to run out of their houses with money in hand to buy some ice cream! Oh Come All Ye Faithful!" I pity the man who came up with the idea. And also the man who listens to it blaring from a speaker for nine straight hours while he tries to sell ice cream.


Tonya Mae said...

Perhaps this song is lending the Spirit of Christmas to audiences far and near and will inspire people to reach deep within their pockets to not only purchase the rip-off ice cream products, but to donate a generous tip as well. ;)

Marie Says Yes said...

better that then "it's a small world."

have you ever noticed that all ice cream men look like ex-felons who will probably kill you, throw your body in the back of the van, kill you again, and then leave you in the desert?
for that reason, if ever i hear the ice cream man, i run for my life. think the clown from "it," only worse.

and that story of jackson is hilarious. poor guy! sounds EXACTLY like something k.j. would do.