Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't Look In The Medicine Cabinet

This past weekend we went to a family reunion high in the Uinta mountains. My father-in-law has friends who owns a cabin there and they were gracious enough to let lots of people stay there for three days.

There are many things to fear being secluded in the mountains. For example:
  • Crazy drunkards shooting firecrackers (or pistols?) at midnight
  • Roasted marshmallow smothering your daughter's hair
  • Children so grumpy that they make bears look friendly
We encountered each of these. But none of these terrors were as frightening as what we found in the medicine cabinet of the cabin. One unsuspecting family member opened the cabinet and found THIS!

Yep. A set of pearly white dentures sitting inside a mayonnaise bottle. I have no further commentary. I will be in the bathroom trying to keep myself from throwing up.