Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Unexpected Hood Ornament

Through the darkness I saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes on the side of the road. I was driving down the freeway at night on my way to Cedar City many years ago. A few minutes passed and then I saw another set of glowing eyes ahead. And then, a split second later a deer decided that he wanted to stand in front of my truck.

Sadly, for the deer, this was not the wisest place to stand. I don't understand the cognitive reasoning of deciding that it is a good idea to jump in front of a vehicle that is traveling 75 miles per hour. The deer was obviously a teenager to think it was a good idea to do something that is so obviously dumb.

This deer didn't have too long to think about his foolish decision though. Because pretty quickly he was splattered all over the front of my truck. I'm hoping this doesn't come as a complete surprise, but a deer carcass splattered all over the road and your car is not a pretty sight. In fact it's just downright disgusting.

It is frustrating that this deer decided to run in front of my truck. I've seen office furniture that has more intelligence than this deer. I would have appreciated if he had avoided becoming my hood ornament.


Tonya Mae said...

Yes, but did you have a taxidermist chop his cranium off at the neck and have it permanently mounted to the front of your truck? Now THAT would really be something! Can you imagine the attention you'd get from all the ladies while you're driving around town with that bad boy attached to your bumper?! :)

Cory Reese said...

Now I feel embarassed that I didn't consider this option at the time. Lesson learned. I will be better prepared next time.