Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dishwasher Catches Rabies

A frightening incident happened in our kitchen last night: our dishwasher caught rabies. The primary symptom was excessive amounts of foamy bubbles all over the kitchen floor. Imagine bubbles and soap and water pouring all over the kitchen. Then double your imagined amount. Then add a little more to that, and you'll begin to grasp what a wet mess we had on our hands. Every towel we owned was drenched.

The problem originally started with a clogged sink. Mel called while I was at work to report that she had tried at least 5 times with at least 10 minutes per try to get it fixed, but to no avail. I was feeling like a stud muffin when I had that puppy unclogged in about 15 seconds. I ruled! But, then we started the dishwasher. And the mess began. Apparently I just moved the clog from one area to another. My Stud Muffin status vanished.

Being the un-plumber that I am, I tore everything apart under the sink to find the cause. All the pipes were disconnected. Then some brown sludge water came out of a tube into a strategically placed garbage can. I knew I was making progress. So I took the garbage can of brown sludge water and poured it down the sink.

But, lest you forgot that I am a complete moron, here's the proof. ALL THE PIPES WERE DISCONNECTED! That brown sludge water I poured into the sink dropped right down the disconnected pipe and went all over the kitchen floor. And myself.

That's when I surrendered. I resolved to at least reconnect the sink pipes to prevent another mess, but leave the dishwasher tubes disconnected and let someone fix it who actually knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, I am a plumbing idiot. Everything was so torn apart under the sink that I didn't know how to get it back together.

After a visit from an actual plumber, everything is reconnected and working again. The moral of the story is that if you ever have anything clogged in your house, I am not the one you want to call for help.

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Jen said...

Oh Alex, he hate him some plumbing too.