Monday, October 26, 2009

More Than Messy

Our upstairs is a disaster zone. You have to wear a bio hazard suit to enter the premises. I don’t know what happened up there. It could have been:

  • The remnants of a bomb explosion.
  • The aftermath of Hurricane Offspring.
  • A hungry wolverine scoured the closets looking for little children to eat for supper.
  • A group of homeless carnival workers moved in and tried to turn stuffed animals and crayons into a Ferris Wheel.

    Or maybe it’s because we have three little kids.

    The bedrooms and family room upstairs are in such a state of disarray and chaos that all you can do is shake your head and go back downstairs. It isn’t even worth getting mad at the kids. It is so messy that you get depressed even thinking about where to start cleaning up. You consider the possibility that the damage is beyond repair.

    How did this happen? I thought we were attentive and involved parents. Judging by how our upstairs looks, you’d think we went to the Bahamas for two weeks and left the six year old in charge.

    I’m considering starting a fire upstairs to take care of the mess. Then we can just start over again. Let’s start from scratch. I’d roll in a bulldozer if only the mess were on the bottom level of the house. Please….pray for our family. And call the Red Cross.

    Does this happen at anybody else’s house?

    Marie Says Yes said...

    i feel your pain, my brother. i feel...your...pain.

    The Caffeinated Chef said...

    Our mess is upstairs also. I'm convinced its why God made two story homes. You can remain sane downstairs and not be completely embarrassed when guest are over but not totally disown your children for making messes upstairs either.

    Jen said...

    I'll tell you how that happens at our house: I leave the room for 30 seconds or more. (To clean the other part of the house.)

    Robin Sant said...

    No never, we have never experienced anything like that...LOL. Good luck and may the kids still be talking to you when it is all over.

    Dansie Family said...

    right now. it has been this way for a week and i haven't had the gumption to do anything about it. i did pick up 10 little people before i put james down for his nap in his room that is covered with legos and cars because i couldn't get by them. eliza's room is even worse: dress-ups, blocks, polly pockets and accessories, madeline dolls and accessories, littlest pet shops and accessories, and many other accessories. she is supposed to get it clean before piano and dance in 1 hour.