Sunday, October 18, 2009

We Have Mice

We've got mice at work.

Clue #1: Little brown droppings on the break room table. And they weren't chocolate chips if you know what I mean.
Clue #2: Molly had a bag of chips in her drawer. She lifted up the bag one day and chips came spilling out the bottom of the bag. Courtesy of a huge hole chewed in the bottom.
Clue #3: The half-eaten Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in my desk. Heaven knows I Would Never leave anything half-eaten.
So the manager gave me a fancy new mouse trap. The mouse pushes down a little lever to get inside the trap to get his food, but the lever springs back up when they get in and...PRESTO....they're stuck in the trap.

Unfortunately, the mouse trap I've used in my office that lets mice in the trap but they can't get out......hasn't worked so great. Maybe mice are tag-teaming to let each other out after the buffet. After loading the trap three times I've come to know his food preferences. Here are the grades he would give each food:

Peanut butter granola bar: B (Not as good as chips, but it's better than nothing.)

Frosted sugar cookie: D (He'd have to be really hungry to eat this. Obviously hunger isn't much of an issue here. A little nibble is enough.)
Cashews: A+ (Life does not get any better.)

Almonds: F (Only in circumstances of desperation would he go for this.)
I gave up on the fancy mouse trap. I bought me a pack of the real deal traps. The You-Touch-This-Puppy-And-Your-Body-Will-Be-Snapped-In-Half traps. Suddenly the mouse has decided he isn't so hungry anymore. My traps have sat empty for a week now.
I'll get you my pretty.......and your little tail too.

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Tink said...

Ew. I hate mice! But not as bad as my neighbor! :-)