Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Shocking Confession

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I watched golf. And I liked it.

For years, watching golf has been my Check Mate in "Would You Rather" games.

"Would you rather get a paper cut on your eyeball or watch golf?" I'll take the paper cut.

"Would you rather have a kangaroo kick you in the groin or watch golf?" Surely a kangaroo couldn't hurt THAT bad.

"Would you rather lick the floor of a gas station or watch golf?" Let's see. Where is the closest Chevron?

So I was shocked when I actually took a few minutes to see why in the world golf would be shown on a national network on a Sunday afternoon. And, as crazy as it sounds, I actually found it kind of, well, interesting.

Trust me. I know how ridiculous this sounds. I previously thought that watching ugly paint dry would be more interesting than golf. But watching golf is kind of like eating yams for the first time. As a kid, you see the dish of yams and think it resembles road kill with marshmallows on top. You want nothing to do with it. But then one day you muster the strength to give them a try. And they're actually pretty good!

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm going to record golf to make sure I don't miss one put. I'm not going to choose golf over an NBA game. I'm never going to actually play golf. But when someone asks "Would you rather listen to Michael Bolton or watch golf?", I'm not going to choose Michael Bolton anymore.


The Thomas Gang said...

Darin wants to know if you will go to Sky Mountain with him and Silas when we get back - for yes - a round of golf? By the way, check out our blog on the Sunday activities of June 27th. It's got a comment for you. Also, "Would you rather play a round of golf or be in the parade for Pride Day in San Francisco and you must dress the part?"

Tonya Mae said...

LOL! Ohhh, Herb. See how you are?? Your posts are always a real treat. You should write books so you can lift more people up to higher heights. :) I agree with your former self on golfing opinions and perceptions, so I am saddened by this new undesirable change in you... But I know that you'll be made perfect during the millennium. ;)