Wednesday, June 2, 2010

San Diego 2010

Our family just returned from a fantastic trip to San Diego. When I use the word "fantastic", that is excluding the un-fantastic experience of driving TO San Diego and HOME from San Diego. Our three children enjoyed 8 hours in the car as much as they would having a racquetball shoved up their nose. If I had a nickle for every time we heard "He's touching me!" or "She's annoying me!", I could have hired a private jet to fly us to San Diego.

Our first stop was Sea World. A trip to San Diego wouldn't be complete without seeing an enormous black and white jumping fish:

Or an enormous tank full of eels as thick as my thigh:

During the trip I consumed ridiculous quantities of Hostess donuts. And candy. And red meat. And Diet Mountain Dew. And the highlight......7-Eleven Slurpees. I didn't pass one 7-Eleven without going inside for a Slurpee. Sometimes we went searching for a 7-Eleven. The Slurpee is a heavenly nectar which has not arrived in southern Utah yet.

The condo we stayed at had these amazing flowers that I hadn't ever seen before:

We went to the Sea Life Aquarium which was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I loved seeing all the sharks and rays and jelly fish. Here is a video of a few jelly fish we saw:

We had a blast at Lego Land. I sat next to Danica on a roller coaster. Immediately she got a look of intense panic and started yelling "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" This was the only word she could get out, but what she was trying to say was "Get me off this ride! I don't like having my stomach in my throat! I may never talk to you again! This experience will be the source of therapy sessions when I am an adult!"

We spent some time at the beach which was cold and windy. The cold didn't deter Jackson one bit, who proved, yet again, that he is a fish. I haven't seen his gills yet, but I'm sure they are there.

We were happy to have Mel's mom Marie come with us on the vacation. She was my ally in the frequent Slurpee stops. As much fun as we had, it will be a while before we go on another vacation that requires eight hours in a car.

For a few more pictures visit AND stay tuned for our San Diego hospital experience.....

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Dansie Family said...

so fun! and slurpees are disgusting but so is anything made by hostess and you like those too.