Thursday, April 9, 2009

Going Gray

My hair is in the midst of a transition from black to gray. We're still early in the process, and truly I don't care. I think I've earned the gray hairs that are starting to sprout, and I want to keep them.

There was one exception to this statement. I woke up yesterday to witness a mutation of sorts. Somehow in my sleep one hair changed from black to gray. But this solitary hair was also on speed and powered past its peers to grow to twice the size of the other hair counterparts.

That's when I grabbed the tweezers. Gray hair - okay. Gray hair almost long enough to braid - not okay. Here is my likely appearance in two years:


Dansie Family said...

we need a real picture of the alleged gray hair.

Jen said...

You can join the league of extraordinary gentlemen and be the one who vanquishes foes with your mad musical panache.