Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Bye Tonsils

Mel and I consented to torture of our youngest child yesterday. No, I'm not talking water boarding. I'm talking tonsil removal.

This involved being at the surgery center at an inhumane hour. The surgery was quick for the agile and highly skilled Dr. Gardner. Notice the prominent barf recepticle at the bottom of the following picture. This was a souvanier Kylee immediately and repeatedly made use of. Fortunately the barf recepticle prevented any spewage on parents.

We got Kylee a book about getting tonsils out, and she got the idea to have a Good Bye Tonsils party, complete with extended family members and cake. I don't know that the book suggested this party should be done the day after tonsils are removed, but Kylee said she was up to it so we proceeded. (She also asked this morning, around 24 hours after surgery, if she could have Taco Bell or a McDonald's kids meal. I opted for a popsicle instead.)

A host of highly appreciated family members attended the Good Bye Tonsils party which Kylee was happy about. Fortunately we won't have to celebrate this event again.


Jen said...

I have heard Gardner is the best in the county. "The only one who knows anything about that specialty."--My Mom

Glad she was in good hands.

Cory Reese said...

Gardner is amazing. The kids have had the pleasure of being under his knife a few times and he has been great.