Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monument Valley & Grand Canyon Trip

A few days ago I completed a 3 day, nearly 1000 mile trip to Monument Valley then to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. My tour companions included my first offspring, Jackson, my sister-in-law Renee, her husband Matt, and his brother Trevor.

I like going on trips with Matt because he's a fellow photography nerd. We each took hundreds of pictures, tried a plethora (thank goodness for spellcheck) of camera settings, then tried them again, then tried them again. The rest of our crew was probably ready to make us walk home because of our frequent photo stops.

I got the cliche, postcard pictures at each location. But that's boring. I thought I'd post some of the more unique pictures I took during the trip. Enjoy!


Jen said...

these are so awesome. you have a great eye.

Dansie Family said...

wow! these are great. you should enter them into some contest.