Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Covet

I recently got my paws on the latest CD by pianist William Joseph called Beyond. William has opened on concert tours for Josh Groban and Clay Aiken (don't hold that against him).

I listen to lots of instrumental music, and can definitively say that this album is amazing. Amazing. I can't seem to get the songs out of my skull.

The only problem I've found with this CD is that it has been tempting me to covet. The piano he plays has a rich, deep sound. The orchestration on each song is stunning. The sound is full and complex and is way, way beyond background music. This album must have cost a googillian dollars to produce. He's got backing from the big boys in the music industry so it's okay.

The following is a song from this album that William played on Dr. Phil not too long ago. YouTube's video quality is lacking and doesn't quite do his technical ability justice. Take my word for it, his hands are like hummingbird wings: they're moving so fast that you can't see their movement. The piano keys are being played so fast that it looks like they're not moving. Between William's technical ability, amazing piano, and enormous orchestration, my goal is "I Shalt Not Covet". Enjoy!

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