Monday, January 12, 2009

Uncomfortable Moments At Baseball Game

My son and I went to a baseball game not long ago. We chose to attend this particular game for a number of reasons. 39% because there were fireworks after the game. 53% because we were looking for a good excuse to eat hot dogs, cotton candy, and Icees. 5% because the females of the house were having a “girls night”. 3% to actually view baseball.

Our seats happened to be the row behind this sweet lady. What you are about to witness in the following video may make the hair follicles in your ears curl. This was the routine before EVERY SINGLE PITCH. I knew others wouldn’t completely understand unless they actually heard it.

The interesting thing is that this lady and her son left in the sixth inning. It was amazing to watch the mood of the crowd all around us. Although nobody said anything, tension was released, moods were lightened, and people began to enjoy the game.

Then….to thicken the plot……the lady came back in the eighth inning! And the pre-pitch ritual continued. I don’t know who won the game. I am still awoken in the night by the chilling “Hey batta, batta, batta, batta!” ringing in my ears.

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Jen said...

My favorite part of this post is the accuracy of the "why people attend baseball games" formula.