Thursday, January 29, 2009

Music NOT To Sleep To

Mel and I chose to believe the research that listening to classical music while sleeping makes kids better at math, and science, and significantly increases their odds of becoming a cardiac surgeon. (We also chose to ignore the research showing that this is complete hogwash.)

Up until a few months ago, the melodic, soothing, captivating piano music of Cory Reese played throughout the night, every night. Then habit took a radical detour. The girls have completely thrown the classical music idea out the window.

Their nighttime music now rotates from Josh Groban to Taylor Swift to (oh, how I hate to say this) the soundtrack from Mama Mia. The funny thing is that they like it LOUD. Obnoxiously loud. I’m intrigued that they can go to sleep as easily with Mama Mia blaring out of the radio as they can when soft piano music is being played.

The only part I’ve struggled with during this transition has been, you guessed it, Mama Mia. I flat out refuse to watch this movie (deemed “The Best Movie I Have Ever Seen” by my mom who lives for movies). My primary objections stem from the fact that 1) It’s a musical, and 2) It’s completely ABBA songs.

I would guess that the Mama Mia soundtrack is utilized at Guantanamo Bay to torture the terrorists. I’m sure researchers are already scrambling to study the detrimental effects of Mama Mia during sleep.

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Hollie said...

You have more willpower than Kelly and me. We gave into Mom's raving recommendations of Mama Mia, deciding to watch it after LaVere conveniently gave us a copy. I'd rather do ANYTHING than watch that oysters, get a bikini wax, drive a PT Cruiser....ANYTHING but watch Mama Mia!!