Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Run A Marathon?

There are a few key reasons I am planning to run the marathon in October. For those of you who think it’s only because I have a few screws loose, let me explain:

1) I’m In Charge: Album sales depend on other people buying my CDs. I wanted to be a student body officer in high school but didn’t win. There was a job I really wanted years ago that I didn’t get (which I’m thankful for now). So many things depend on other people. Sometimes we’re at the mercy of other people’s decisions. Running a marathon doesn’t rely on anybody else. I don’t have to depend on somebody else to make something happen. My success or failure depends on me and only me. I like that.

2) I Refuse To Get Old: I think this is a way of me outrunning my age. I feel like I’ve got to stay one step ahead of old. I have grey hairs popping out all over my head. I’m gracefully entering the Salt & Pepper stage of hair color. I’m cool with that. I refuse to pluck my grey hairs because I’ve earned them. I want to be someone who can run a marathon even though they have grey hair.

3) Sense Of Accomplishment: Running is hard. It doesn’t come easy to me. It hurts. It’s rough. I’ve come to believe that the mind has a lot more to do with running than body. I’ve never done anything that challenged me so much to push through and keep going even though my body was begging to stop. I don’t think I understood how much willpower running takes until I really got going.

Running also helps me feel okay about eating a heaping bowl of ice cream before bed every night.

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Dansie Family said...

amen to the ice cream! it is really the only reason i run. if i didn't run i would be a 400 lb tub o' lard.