Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Get What You Pay For

I subscribe to the idea that you get what you pay for. But....even though a $300 vacuum often works better than a $100 vacuum, that doesn't mean you should buy (or have the money to buy) the $300 vacuum.

That brings us to the topic of the Reese vacuum. Our previous cheap Wal-Mart version was nothing to write home about, but it served it's purpose. After years of faithful service she left us to join the Vacuum Gods. Mel has always wanted a Dyson vacuum and seized upon this opportunity. We weren't in the mood to spend $300+ for a vacuum, but she found a floor model Dyson at a big discount and brought it home to live at our house.

Thus far I haven't been tremendously impressed. I've heard women talk about their Dyson vacuum with as much affection as they talk about their husband. So I was expecting this vacuum to leave the floors glistening, make housecleaning effortless, and part the Red Sea all at the same time. Not so.

In my disappointment yesterday I flipped the vacuum on its side to inspect the roller brush at the bottom. Turns out the whole thing was clogged and looked like it had run over a toupee.

I was excited to watch the parting of the Red Sea after the unclogging procedure. Unfortunately performance was just as uninspiring as before the enormous dust bunny was removed. Now I'm left wanting our Wal-Mart special back.

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Jen said...

I do hate a bad vacuum. They are so absolutely dreadful!