Sunday, February 22, 2009

How To Spend $885

I sat in Dr. Bether's chair for an hour on Thursday. When that hour was complete, I swiped my card for $885.00 and walked out the door with a lot less money in my bank account.

What awesome thing did I get to buy for $885? Sit down for this one - a root canal.

Fortunately insurance will reimburse me for half this amount. And fortunately Dr. Bethers is awesome and does a great root canal. But still. Clearly I went into the wrong profession.

It would have been so much cooler if I could have spent $885 on a year deluxe subscription to NetFlix, or a really nice camera lens, or a Costco shopping spree, or a ridiculous amount of Cookie Crisp cereal, or someone to do my yard work, or an all-inclusive one week trip to Cancun (radio ad said $599 includes the flight!). Seriously. I could have traveled to Cancun FOR A WEEK for less than the 1 hour root canal cost!

Note to self: have all teeth ripped out, get dentures, then call travel agent to schedule an extended vacation in Cancun.

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