Friday, February 6, 2009

Steer Manure

I did something dumb today (I'm sure there were actually lots of dumb things, but this one really sticks out).

The story starts with a slight mishap a few weeks ago where a kind lady accidentally backed into my car and made herself a little $2500 dent. So my automobile has been in the shop for a week getting fixed, and I got a Nissan Versa for a rental. It's pretty nice. Only 5000 miles total. I'm breaking her in.

Cut to this morning. We're going to be re-seeding our lawn so I made a quick stop at Lowes to pick up some seed, fertilizer, and three bags of steer manure. Then I went to work. The problem is that when I got in the car to come home, the smell almost knocked me over. The pungent odor of bovine poop had completely saturated ever fiber of this vehicle. It's stunning how quickly a few bags of animal excrement can erase that new car smell. Hmm. Not good.

Now to the kicker.

The car was supposed to be done in 4 days. But in a highly rare twist of fate, a mechanic finished a job EARLY! They finished the car today and needed the rental returned. I was hoping I'd have 4 days to purge the car of its new air freshener, but to no avail.

I'm guessing we may not have our $50 deposit returned. Grrrr.


Reese Gang said...

Cory didn't mention that I had to take the car back on my way to work that night. The smell was in my clothes!!! Thank goodness for Scentsy. We stuck a car freshener in to try to mask the smell.

Dansie Family said...

but at least you will have a nice lawn.