Friday, February 27, 2009

Pork Barrel

I have an experiment. I bet I can make your blood boil in two minutes or less. Click HERE for a rundown by my friend Glenn Beck on some of the nonsense that was included in the recently passed enormous "stimulus" package. A few examples:

$951,000 for "Sustainable Las Vegas"
$950,000 for "Myrtle Beach International Trade and Convention Center"
$190,000 for "Buffalo Bill Historical Center" to digitize their records
$950,000 for a Nature Education Center in Mississippi (What!?!)
$300,000 for the Montana World Trade Center (Montana? Really?)

I'd like to include an item in the bill.
I vote we put all the politicians in a boutique (the most miserable place I can think of) and make them listen to Madonna songs until they cry like little school girls.

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Jen said...

I second the motion, senator.