Friday, November 13, 2009

Jon Schmidt Concert

Before last night's concert I told Jon that my kids think his music is way cooler than mine. His response was classic. "No man is a prophet in his own house."

Last night we took the kids to Jon Schmidt's concert in St. George. They are all taking piano lessons and were ecstatic to go to Jon's show. Earlier in the day they told the nurse who gave them a flu shot. They told someone at the grocery store. They told their friends.

Jon's music and technical ability at the piano are brilliant. His way of entertaining and engaging a crowd is even more brilliant. It's rare to see an entire theater completely mesmerized like they were Thursday night.

My saving grace was a guy who came up to me after the show and said "Are you Cory Reese? I love your music!" Had this not occured, I am confident that my kids would have asked Jon to adopt them.

Be sure to check out Jon's site HERE for some amazing tunes. Success couldn't have come to a nicer guy. Jon quickly became a prophet in the Reese household.


Tink said...

Love the quote...I love your music too! Keep it up!

National Junior Honor Society said...
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Matt Anderson said...

Cory, Renee told me today that Mel was going to buy the equipment and supplies necessary to begin breeding crickets. How does it feel to be in the cricket breeding business?

Cory Reese said...

Dear Matthew Anderson:

I'll give you a warning since I like you. I'd advise against sassy or false posting.

I would hate to pull out the big guns.