Monday, November 30, 2009

Muu Muu Mishap

A series of funny problems happened to Mel a few days ago. The mess all started when she was supposed to pick up Kylee from Kindergarten at 10:40am.

Problem #1: She had worked at the hospital the night before and slept through her alarm. At 10:44am she popped up out of bed and realized she was late. Panic sets in.

Problem #2: She only had her undergarments on, so she grabbed for the first article of clothing she saw before darting out the door: a hideous, bright pink muu muu. She figured it wouldn't matter what she was wearing. The kids wait outside to be picked up, so she could just pull up to the curb and Kylee would get in the car.

Problem #3: It was cold and windy outside so the teachers took all the kids inside who had delinquent, slacker parents who don't come to school on time to pick up their kids.

Problem #4: Here's the fatal flaw: In her haste to rush to the school, Mel forgot to grab her cell phone. She couldn't just call the school and have them send Kylee outside.

Problem #5: Mel was wearing a hideous, bright pink muu muu.

Mel said that she had a conversation with herself as she sat in the car. "Do I just go inside to get Kylee?" "Should I drive home and get my cell phone?" "Should I run to my mom's house to call the school?" After her debate, she concluded that she was by now 15 minutes late and didn't want to extend her delay any longer.

Problem #6: She walked INTO THE SCHOOL wearing a HIDEOUS, BRIGHT PINK MUU MUU. (I'll give you a minute for this mental picture to sink in.)

Problem #7: A few older kids were walking down the hall and saw her in her hideous, bright pink muu muu. AND GIGGLED!

Fortunately Kylee isn't old enough to realize that she could have potentially been the laughing stock of the school. For your pleasure, here is a photograph of the alleged hideous, bright pink muu muu:


Marie Says Yes said...

what i wouldn't have given to have been there at that exact moment! hahaha!!!!

Tink said...

Ha ha ha! That is TOO funny. I wish I could have seen it too!

Jen said...

Hahaha. Was it Friday? It could have been ALOHA Friday. Mel can't look hideous even if she tries. Her radiant beauty shines through anyway.